Players are allowed to look at the answer chart and the danger cards (back of game box) before they begin to play. This allows the players to look for the question to the answer that they don't know and help them memorize it.

TIP: Multiplication table #9


A better way to memorize your number 9 table is by looking at the number it is being multiplied by, and knowing the answer will start with one unit under.

EX: 9x872

TIP: Multiplication table #9


Another way to do your 9 table is by using your fingers! Look at your fingers, and lets say our question is 9x8.

Bring down your eighth finger and then count the numbers before the eighth finger and that will be your tenth digit and the amount of fingers after the eighth finger will be your ones digit number. So for our question 9x8 we would have 7 fingers before our eighth finger and 2 after. So our answer will be 72.