Thought Process

During my childhood I didn't know my multiplication tables. Teachers had one method of teaching them but it wasn't very effective to me or many others. Math always seemed so boring and confusing. Not only myself, but my cousins, brothers and sisters, would always be grounded because we couldn't memorize our multiplication tables when they were due.


After my childhood experience, I knew there was a way students could learn their multiplication tables in a quick, easy, and fun way. "There just has to be a way," I said to myself. I knew that one day I would do something to help kids learn without struggling.

One night my mind began rushing with ideas and I began to write.

Evolution of the Game

Isabel was granted a patent for Math Game 2x3

Isabel was granted a patent for Math Game 2x3

While I was writing, my husband and kids were asking me tons of questions due to my strange behavior. I wouldn't listen to them and would tell them to stay quiet so I could continue to write.

When I was all finished, I was ready to hear their questions.

"What happened?" 
"Whats wrong?" 
"Is everything O.K?"

I laughed and filled with excitement. I told them about my idea. I could tell with the look on their face that no one understood a single thing, except for my husband. Surprisingly, he looked at me and said, "You should patent it." That phrase was all the motivation I needed to begin my journey.

While my two younger children were in swimming lessons I sat on the benches like usual, but this time I sat with a bunch of flash cards and permanent markers. I began to write.

After dinner one day I told my family, "Lets play!"

"What are we playing?" they asked. "2x3," I said.

After we finished playing, my kids finally got the concept of the game and they really enjoyed it.

The process of making my dream come true began.